Amazon CloudFront

AmazonS3に置いたデータを高速配信するためのネットワーク。いわゆるCDN (Content Delivery Network)。

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  • HTTP
    • S3に置いたものが配られる
  • Flash
    • 「Q. Does CloudFront support streaming protocols? Yes. With Amazon CloudFront, you can create streaming distributions for your on-demand content. These streaming distributions use Adobe’s Flash® Media Server (version 3.5) to deliver your content using the RTMP protocol and several of its variants.」 ( Amazon CloudFront FAQs )
    • 「We are using version 3.5.2 of the Adobe Flash® Media Server (FMS) and we support the RTMP, RTMPT (HTTP tunneled), RTMPE (encrypted), and RTMPTE (tunneled and encrypted) flavors of RTMP.」 ( Amazon CloudFront Now Supports Streaming Media Content )


  • 「 Streaming Media Files]




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